About Us

Who We Are

SunMed Medical Systems is a national provider of Specialty Medical Equipment and enhanced clinical support for the treatment of patients of all ages and conditions, through every stage of their care at home.

Who We Serve

When discharging a patient, have you ever been tasked with locating pieces of specialty medical equipment not normally carried by your local DME vendor? Think of us when your local, routine provider of DME doesn’t have what you need. We carry all the equipment over and above what a traditional DME company normally provides.

Our focus is on providing:
Hospital-grade medical equipment for patient’s needs at home
Specialized/Customized/Unique medical equipment

Difficult to find medical equipment

Our History

From the beginning, SunMed Medical Systems realized that clinicians often spend hours searching for unique or specialty equipment, when they would much rather spend their time focusing on actual patient care and outcomes. We have established relationships nationwide with specialty manufacturers and distributors that are ready to provide equipment for your patients. It is our preference to specialize in locating these unique, specialty, and difficult to locate pieces of equipment.

Our Philosophy

We Listen

The goal at SunMed Medical Systems is to take the guesswork out of selecting and managing these types of equipment for clinicians, while enhancing the quality of life and clinical outcomes for each of your patients. Assistance in matching a product with a diagnosis and desired outcome is never more than a phone call away.

We Deliver

Often, our specialty equipment is the difference between a patient staying in an institutional setting to utilize the equipment they need, or sending them home with that same or similar equipment. Once we work together to provide the most appropriate piece of equipment, we will arrange for that equipment to either go home with the patient, or ensure the equipment arrives at the patient’s home when requested.

Our products often help insurance companies save money over costly hospital stays, while taking the patient back to where they want to be…. Home.

SunMed Medical Systems takes care of insurance billing as well as delivery.

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