Does SunMED charge for their services?

No, SunMED negotiates our fees with your  insurance company. The only money you will owe is the co-pays and deductibles your individual insurance dictates.


Why does SunMED need a prescription for my products when I can buy them at the drugstore without one?

Your insurance carrier will not cover your products unless they have been prescribed by a Physician. Some plans exempt Breast Pumps from this requirement.


What insurance contracts does SunMED have?

Our portfolio of contracts is in the hundreds and expanding every day. We are also adept at negotiating out of network exceptions if we are not contracted because many of the products we carry are so unique.


Is SunMED accredited?

Yes, SunMED has been accredited by HQAA since 2008. This means we are held to the same high quality standards  as your hospital and Doctor. Our privacy practices, infection control, and services are reviewed by an independent surveyor on a regular basis.


Is SunMED a Medicare Provider?

Yes, unfortunately many of our products, like compression garments are not currently covered by Medicare. If this is the case, SunMED offers discounted private pay pricing so that Medicare recipients don’t go without the treatment they need.


Why does my receipt say Therapy Solutions?

If you don’t have insurance or your product isn’t covered, SunMED offers discounted private pay pricing through our retail sister company.


Does SunMED participate with Medicaid?

Every state has their own Medicaid program and many Medicaid replacement options. SunMED participates with over 20 today. Contact SunMED to determine if we work with your program.

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