Patients ranging in weight from 300 pounds, up to 1000 pounds can be a challenge for both patient and caregiver. The bariatric patient with a compromised health status often finds it difficult to ambulate. Caregivers run the risk of injuring themselves when assisting these patients to mobilize and transfer. SunMed Medical Systems provides virtually all of the products available to help manage these patients. From extra wide beds and trapeze units to forearm crutches, to various lifts including lift-free transfer devices capable of managing patients up to 1000 pounds, we understand the challenges and are ready to consult with you to ensure the patient is adequately managed while preventing injury to caregivers. Please take some time to look at our extensive product offering to meet the needs of these patients.

If the equipment you need isn’t listed, please call us to see if we can obtain the necessary item for you. We specialize in locating and placing unique and hospital grade medical equipment for the home setting.

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