Compression Pumps

While there are many different pump products available for the treatment of Lymphedema, they are generally divided into two types: segmental, and segmental with calibrated, gradient pressure.

Non-segmental type of Pumps are used for DVT prevention but are not recommended for Lymphedema

A Segmental Lymphedema Pump typically has three chambers that inflate sequentially.

Segmental Lymphedema Pumps, with calibrated, gradient pressure, are considered the most sophisticated type of pumps. The advantage of this type of pump is the adjustable, gradient action of the compression. The pressure in the sleeve or boot is the greatest at the point farthest from the body. Each chamber has a reduced amount of pressure as the sleeve gets closer to the trunk of the body. This means the edema in the most distal portions of the limb must move upward towards the body since the pressure below the edema is greater than the pressure in front of it. The pump pressures can also be adjusted in each individual chamber of the sleeve. This provides much greater flexibility in treating Lymphedema. These pumps are the most effective of the three types. Because of this unit’s superior capability, it will provide more therapy in less time, which usually results in higher patient compliance.

Accessories for all of these pumps include:
• Half Leg Boots
• Full Leg Boots
• Arm Sleeves
• Bariatric sizes also available
Custom size boots and sleeves are available if needed

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