Work Comp


Need help? SunMED Medical specializes in serving the unique needs of Worker’s Compensation patients, Case Managers, Adjusters, and the Cost Containment Networks that care or them.

From exercise bikes, to advanced wound care devices, to ICU beds, to home modifications; SunMED will access the patient’s needs and provide exactly the specialized equipment when and where they need it, anywhere in the United States.

SunMed is not a traditional durable medical equipment (DME) company. DME’s provide your patient what they have on their shelf. Manufactures provide your patient what they make. SunMED’s Rehabilitation Consultants; including Rehab Technicians, RN’s, Therapists, and Certified Fitters, will work directly with patients and their caregivers to provide what they want and need. And we offer cost effective pricing solutions.

Mobility Products
  • Power Wheel Chairs
  • Manual Wheel Chairs
  • Custom Seating
  • Scooters
  • Vehicle Lifts
  • Patient Lifts

SunMED provides power and manual chairs for worker’s compensation customers of all ages, sizes, and needs. Our Certified Rehab Techs will work with your clinical team to evaluate and supply the right chair for you. Pride, Invacare, Sunrise, and Golden Technologies are some of the manufacturers we work with. SunMED’s national presence allows us to provide these products at lower prices than our competitors but you will be serviced by your hometown team of technicians, clinicians, and customer service staff. Would a Scooter make your life easier? SunMED provides all brands of scooters offering options like; compact units for easy transport, indoor/out door versatile units, outdoor rugged terrain units and large capacity units. We also provide vehicle lifts to transport your chair or scooter.

Custom wheelchairs can provide everything from comfortable, stylish seating and custom paint to environmental controls that allow the driver to control not only the chair but video games, their TV, lighting and air-conditioning, to name a few. Custom chairs can be controlled by those with even severely limited dexterity by blinking, toe, or tongue movements. In conjunction with the clinical team working with the patient, SunMED will dispatch a Certified Rehab Tech to design the ultimate chair for each customer.

Environmental Controls

SunMED can provide voice recognition and switch controlled environmental controls that can empower a recipient to perform tasks for themselves.

  • operate their hospital bed
  • operate their telephone
  • control the TV, stereo, DVD player, etc.
  • open doors
  • control the heating and air conditioning
  • control their lighting

Home Modifications

  • Bathroom
  • Whirlpool Tubs
  • Overhead Lifts/Track systems
  • Ramps
  • Whole house modifications
  • Modular homes
  • Pool Lifts

Move or improve? SunMED can provide everything from ready made ramps to whole house modification or new construction using only ADA compliant contractors.  We will work with the resident to determine the right improvements for each family. Therapeutic aids such as pool lifts and whirlpool tubs can greatly improve the recovery and quality of life of our workers comp claimants.  Bathroom modifications can ensure safe wheelchair access.

Vehicle Modifications

  • Vehicle Lifts
    (New and Pre-Owned Conversion Vans)

SunMED provides vehicle lifts for scooters and wheelchairs of any type. We will install interior and exterior lifts by manufacturers such as Brunoand Harmar as well as driver controls and turning seat bases. If the claimant requires we can also supply a new or pre-owned conversion van, including lowered floor vans and trucks.


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