Our mission is simple. Provide every product available for a therapist to utilize in their treatments, and minimize each patient’s out of pocket expense for the products prescribed.
Simply sending over a patients face sheet starts the process. Our verification team checks for insurance coverage, and reports back to the therapist and/or patient the coverage and any patient payment responsibilities on bandaging, garments, and/ or pumps. When you speak with our representatives, you are speaking to “manufacturer trained” fitters. They understand the nuances of each and every patient and how critical it is to get every order correct the first time.
In the unfortunate event of no coverage, SunMED provides extremely low patient pay pricing- in fact, competitive with on-line retailers. Patients and therapists have the benefit of checking for insurance coverage from an accredited provider, but can still access very low pricing from the same source.
Does your clinic stock bandaging supplies? Allow SunMED to quote you bulk stock pricing to help save money for your facility.
SunMED is a national, accredited medicare provider and is held to the highest standards just like the clinics. This ensures patients and therapists are working with an organization committed to the highest level of care for every patient.
Are you looking for a wide variety of options? We carry products from over 16 different manufacturers and growing. Click on any of the links below to learn more!

Therapists and Fitters are invited to join the Lymphedema Professionals Network. Your membership will allow you to access our billing services and national insurance contracts. Consult with our in house certified fitters and R.N. ‘s about product selection and reimbursement issues. Stay up to date with our e-newsletter. Obtain discounts for your self pay patients. Obtain referrals for new patients from the Network. There is no fee to join. Expand your business today. For our compression garment line, SunMED uses the Therapists’ measurements to ensure that the garment is manufactured to meet the treatment goals. We have Certified Fitters on-site for support every step of the way.

For Lymphedema Therapists

SunMED is dedicated to supporting the needs of the Lymphedema community. With that goal in mind we are actively working to educate our Insurance Carrier customers about the condition and need for coverage for treatment and products. We offer a CCM approved educational program to Case Managers and Medical Directors to further the cause.Aetna has stood out by making SunMED the National Preferred Provider for Lymphedema products and changing their coverage policies to allow their members access to the products they need. Send SunMED yourAetna members! We will take care of them. We are also contracted with many other national and regional insurance companies and are an Accredited Medicare Provider and Medicaid Provider in over 20 states.SunMED also supports Lymphedema Therapists by using the Therapist’s measurements when ordering garments. Lymphedema garments are an integral part of the patient’s therapy; an outside fitter generally doesn’t know the Therapist’s treatment goals and how to improve each patient’s compliance with their therapists goals. SunMED views Lymphedema garments as prescription therapeutic devices that require a clinician’s expertise to fit properly. If you are tired of having your patients “up sold” by a DME company or patients not wearing poorly fitted garments, call your partner at SunMED. We leave the patient’s therapy in your hands and take care of the rest. SunMED will also extend the manufacturer’s fit guaranty. Your facility will not be responsible for returned garments if your measurements need to be adjusted or modified. SunMED strives to be your partner and work with you until the optimal garment is received.The SunMED Four Touch Customer Service program ensures that you are kept informed of the progress of each order in the manner you choose: Phone, Fax, Email, or Text Message.

The first “touch” is when we receive your faxed order. If you have ever called a company to find out where your order is only to be told that they never got the fax you will appreciate this first confirmation.
The second “touch” is when insurance benefits have been verified and coverage is determined. This is accomplished within 8 business hours of receipt of the order.
The third “touch” is when the order you have specified is placed with the manufacturer.
The final “touch” is when we have confirmed that your patient or your facility has received their products.

SunMED also encourages patient compliance through our Re-Order Program. Your patient will be reminded when their garment has lost its elasticity and needs to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.  This ensures the patient can  maximize their insurance benefit and often reminds them it is time to come see you for a follow-up and to be re-measured.
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